I'm a strategist and writer hanging out at the corner of content and tech. I bounce between Los Angeles and Brooklyn where I balance my love of being cozy and eating with traveling and hustling. Let's build fam.

My Work

I like to focus my work around culture, technology, and where they collide.

I am currently working full time as the Head of Content at Bumpers, an iOS app for creating audio content. Across all my work, I use my strong content background to focus on marketing campaigns for anyone from major brands to pre-beta startups that include everything from copy writing, social media marketing, digital and branded content, and events.

My writing has appeared in a variety of publications including VICE, Complex, Frank 151, Acclaim, and more. In 2013-2014, I had two weekly columns Digital Divas and Around the World in 80 Raves.

In 2017 I published two collections of essays: A Headache from Crying and These Are Not About You.

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